TravelCare Insurance is underwritten by FWD General Insurance Company Limited ("FWD GI"). ("iFWD Platform") is operated by FWD Financial Limited ("FWD Financial"). FWD Financial is an appointed insurance agency of FWD GI.
Amateur Sports Cover

TravelCare covers amateur sports activities while on holidays, from bungee jumping, scuba diving to even winter sports. If you consider yourself spontaneous, we are a perfect match!

Worldwide Support
When things go wrong, it's important to have the right support. FWD GI have partnered with the International SOS - whose affiliates spanning over 1,000 locations across the globe to assist you 24/7.
Click To Claim
No more complicated claim forms for travel delay or baggage/ travel bag damage. FWD GI's click-to-claim feature makes claiming hassle-free.
One Year Coverage
Get a better deal for an unlimited number of trips for a year. Enjoy year-round coverage up to 90 days per trip under FWD GI's Annual Travel Insurance.
Go As You Please
No need to enroll every single time before a trip anymore! Annual TravelCare provides easy one-time enrolment for departing anytime within 365 days.
No Annual Limit
We treat every trip as a new trip! As long as your journey lies within the policy period, FWD GI's Annual Plan covers all sections for each trip without any aggregate limit.
Promotion Offers
Earn Clubpoints
The Club members can earn Clubpoints upon successful purchase of TravelCare Insurance via, get 50 Clubpoints for Single Trip and 300 Clubpoints for Annual plan. The offer is subject to its Terms & Conditions. Please click here for details. Unless otherwise specified, redemption of any complimentary insurance products without premium payment would not entitle to any Clubpoints, except 7-Eleven Travel Insurance Prepaid Card users.

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Plan A
Plan B
Medical Expenses
a) Medical Expenses
The cost of qualified medical treatment, surgery and hospitalization arising from sickness or accidental injury.
b) Follow-up Expenses
Medical, hospital and treatment expenses reasonably incurred within 90 days of the Insured Person's return to the place of origin from overseas up to HK$100,000 (including Chinese bone setting in Hong Kong up to HK$3,000 with a maximum daily limit per visit of HK$200)
Hospitalization or Quarantine Cash Allowance
a) Overseas Hospitalization
HK$500 for each complete day in hospital to meet Insured Person's extra expenses.
b) Compulsory Quarantine
HK$500 for each complete day during the journey or 7 days upon return to Hong Kong.
Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service
a) Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
Send the Insured Person to the nearest facility capable of providing adequate medical care, and repatriate the Insured Person back to Hong Kong if the physician determines that it is necessary.
Fully Covered
Fully Covered
b) Guarantee of Hospital Admission Deposits
For hospital admittance fees on behalf of the Insured Person.
c) Additional Costs of Accommodation
For an Insured Person's family member or travelling companion when such costs arise from hospitalization or delay due to a serious medical condition of the Insured Person.
d) Compassionate Visit and Hotel Accommodation
Up to 2 immediate family members, includes travelling cost to join the Insured Person who is confined in hospital for more than 3 days or dies abroad.
e) Return of Minor Children
Reasonable additional accommodation and travelling expenses, such as a one-way economy airfare for the return of unattended Insured Person's children (aged below 18) to Hong Kong.
f) Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Transportation charges for repatriation of the mortal remains to Hong Kong.
g) Unexpected Return in the Event of the Death of a Close Relative
Return economy class airfare for unexpected return to Hong Kong following the death of a close relative.
h) Other Assistance
Including telephone medical advice, emergency travel service assistance or legal referral etc.
Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service is arranged by International SOS (HK) Limited.
Personal Accident
Accidental death/permanent total disablement/total and permanent loss of sight in one or both eyes/loss by severance or permanent and total loss of use of one or more limbs. (Death benefit for children under 18 years old and for person over 70 years old shall not exceed HK$300,000.)
Major Burns
Suffering of Third Degree Burns with burnt areas equal to or greater than 5% of head or 10% of total body surface area.
Credit Card Protection
In the event of accidental death of the Insured Person during the journey, the outstanding balance of the Insured Person's credit card as at the date of accident will be covered.
Loss, physical breakage of damage directly resulting from accident, theft, burglary, or mishandling by carriers to the Insured Person's baggage or personal property carry-on. The limit for each item, pair or set shall be HK$3,000.
Baggage Delay
Emergency purchases of essential items of toiletries and clothing and the additional travelling cost to get back the baggage consequent upon temporary deprivation of baggage for at least 6 hours from the time of arrival at destination abroad due to delay or misdirection in delivery.
Personal Money
Loss of cash, banknotes and travellers cheques arising from theft, burglary or robbery.
Loss of Travel Document
Cost of obtaining replacement air tickets, travel document, travel expenses and accommodation incurred to obtain such replacement arising from theft, burglary, robbery and accidental loss (Reimbursement is limited to HK$2,000 per day for Plan A or HK$1,000 per day for Plan B).
Travel Delay
a) Additional Travel Cost
Public transportation expenses necessarily incurred to re-route the trip due to delay or cancellation of airline or other public transportation resulting from serious weather condition, industrial action, hijack or mechanical derangement.
b) Cash Allowance
If the Insured Person need not to pay additional transportation expenses in the event of travel delay, the Insured Person will be indemnified at HK$300 for each full 6-hour period delay.
(Select either a or b for compensation only.)
Cancellation Charge
Reimbursement of irrecoverable prepaid accommodation, tour package and travel tickets due to cancellation of trip in the event of death, serious sickness or injury of the Insured Person, immediate family members, travel companion insured under the same policy or close business partner of the Insured Person,; witness summons, jury service, compulsory quarantine of the Insured Person,; natural disaster or unanticipated outbreak of epidemic diseases/industrial action involving public conveyance, riot/civil commotion, Black Outbound Travel Alert issued by the Government of Hong Kong at the destination within 7 days before departure date,; serious damage to the Insured Person's principal home in Hong Kong arising from fire or flooding within 10 days from the departure date.
Curtailment of Trip
Reimbursement of irrecoverable prepaid transport or accommodation charges and additional public transportation expenses incurred to return to Hong Kong due to curtailment of trip in the event of death, serious sickness or injury of the Insured Person, immediate family members, travel companion or close business partner of the Insured Person, natural disaster or unanticipated outbreak of epidemic diseases,industrial action, riot, civil commotion at the destination that prevents the Insured Person from continuing the journey or Black Outbound Alert for the destination is in effect during the journey.
Loss of Home Contents
The loss of or damage to the contents or personal effects of the Insured Person's principal home as a result of burglary with forcible and violent entry to or exit from the premise whilst the home is unoccupied during the period of travel.
Personal Liability
Indemnity against legal liability to third party as a result of accidental injury, loss or damage to third party's property during the Period of Insurance. (This benefit does not apply to liability arising from the use or hire of motor vehicle.)
Rental Vehicle Excess
If the Insured Person hires a rental vehicle during the journey and is involved in a car accident, or the vehicle is damaged or stolen, the claims excess in the motor insurance policy purchased by the Insured Person will be reimbursed.
Golfer "Hole-in-One"
If the Insured Person achieve a "hole-in-one" at any recognized golf course.
Product Brochure
Policy Provisions ( Single Trip | Annual )
Online Claim
Travel Delay
Suitcase / Travel Bag Damage
If an Amber/ Red/ Black Outbound Travel Alert has been issued on my destination, can I still purchase FWD TravelCare Insurance?
Yes, please refer to the Policy Provisions for the coverage and exclusions.
Must the insured travellers depart from Hong Kong?
Yes, the insured travellers must start and end their journey in Hong Kong.
Are dangerous sports activities such as bungee jumping counted as one of the insured items?
Yes, as long as the insured person is not engaging in sports or games in a professional capacity or where the insured person would or could earn income or remuneration from engaging in such sport or game, the activity is insured. Leisure and amateur sport activities including winter sports, bungee jumping, hiking (no altitude limit), rock climbing, horse riding, scuba diving (no depth limit) are covered.
How do I make claims?
Notice of any claim must be given to the company within thirty-one days of the expiry of this policy, and in the instance of a claim under the section on personal liability benefit, such notice must be given in writing as soon as possible and in any event not later than 14 days after the incident giving rise to such a claim.

Please download the "Travel Insurance Claim Form" according to the following steps:
  1. Visit our website
  2. Go to "Customer Service"
  3. Go to "Download Forms"
  4. Go to "General Insurance"
  5. Go to "Travel Insurance"
Am I insured if my mobile phone/ smart phone/ tablet/ pager is stolen?
No, it is stated in the major exclusions section of the plan that mobile phones/ smart phones/ tablets/ pagers are not insured.
If my trip is delayed, can I claim my additional cost of accommodation and meals?
No. You can select either additional travel cost or cash allowance as compensation. However, your additional cost of accommodation and meals as a result of the delay is not part of the coverage.
What should I be aware of when applying for baggage benefit?
The case of theft, loss or willful damage of baggage must be reported to the local police, the airline and any third parties liable within 24 hours of occurrence. Please obtain the relevant official documents before making the claim. Please refer to section 5 of the policy for more details.
Can I make a claim if there is a baggage delay?
Yes, we will pay up to the maximum limit in your selected policy for each insured person for the additional cost to get back the baggage or emergency purchase of essential items of toiletries or clothing consequent upon temporary deprivation to baggage for at least 6 hours from the time of arrival at destination abroad due to delay or misdirection in delivery. Please refer to section 6 of the policy for more details.
How do I submit claims online?
You need to complete the online claim form and upload the related travel itinerary document and travel delay proof within 31 days of the expiry of this policy.
What documents do I need to upload?
You need to upload the following documents:
  • Travel itinerary document, such as original scheduled boarding pass or e-ticket.
  • Travel delay proof document with the reason and period of delay, such as written confirmation by airline or certificate issued by public common carrier.
  • If you choose direct credit as the claim payment method, you need to upload a copy of ATM card, bank book or bank statement showing the name of the account holder and account number.
If the Black Outbound Travel Alert is posted before I embark on the insured journey, will FWD cover the journey?
If the Black Travel Alert is posted at the planned destination within 7 days before the scheduled departure, you may choose to cancel the trip and receive compensation for the deposits or any part of the payment made in advance for travel tickets, accommodation, or tour packages which are forfeited and irrecoverable as a direct result, up to the maximum limit of HK$30,000 for Plan A, or HK$5,000 for Plan B.
If the Black Outbound Travel Alert is posted during my journey, will FWD cover it?
If the Black Outbound Travel Alert causes an early termination of your journey, you may receive compensation for the deposits or any part of the payment made in advance for travel tickets, accommodation, or tour packages which are forfeited and irrecoverable as a direct result. You may also receive compensation for the extra costs of your early return to Hong Kong. Again, the maximum benefits are HK$30,000 for Plan A, and HK$5,000 for Plan B.