Savie Insurance Plan is underwritten by FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited ("FWD Life/ FWD"). ("iFWD Platform") is operated by FWD Financial Limited ("FWD Financial"). FWD Financial is an appointed insurance agency of FWD Life.
Savie Insurance Plan provides you with the guaranteed annual crediting interest rate while also enjoying the freedom to make flexible withdrawals at no charge.

Saving Preference

Act now to enjoy guaranteed crediting interest rate for the first 3 years:
(1st Year)
(2nd Year)
(3rd Year)
Flexible and Free Insurance Policy Period - FWD Savie Insurance

You can partially surrender the account value from your policy with NO charges at any time (even during the guaranteed crediting interest rate period) – giving you flexibility of access to meet your needs! You also have the option to pause and resume your monthly contributions throughout your policy period.

Easy Application

Customers applying for regular contribution plans can simply make a reservation online before visiting our Insurance Solutions Centre. For one-off Plan applicants, Savie can be applied for either in person or completely online.

Death benefit of 105% of account value - FWD Savie Insurance

In addition to a death benefit of 105% of your account value*, you will receive a further accidental death benefit equivalent to 100% of the account value* until age 70 (subject to a maximum amount of HK$400,000 for each insured for the plan).

* The accumulation of total premium paid plus interest, less partial withdrawal(s) (if any).

Instant Withdrawal

Tap & Go is a prepaid mobile payment service, allowing you to pay by simply tapping your smartphone, or transfer money remotely. Savie customers can now enjoy the free instant withdrawal service by downloading the Tap & Go App.

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Payment Mode
Benefit Term
Up to Age 100
Issue Age (Age on Next Birthday)
19-70 years old
Financial protection against adversities (e.g. death, accident, disability, etc)
Saving up for future (e.g. child education, retirement etc)
Product Type
Insurance product with investment element - investment decisions and risks borne by insurer
The plan you are going to purchase is paid on a one-off basis, please make sure that your economic situation are adequate to pay its total premium, otherwise you should not consider purchasing this plan.
The policy contains value and if you surrender your policy/partially surrender from the account value in the early policy years or before the end of the benefit term, you will suffer a loss of future crediting interests and insurance coverage. Application of the product may constitute the liquidity risk to your financial condition. You need to bear the liquidity risk associated with the product.

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#Starting from policy year 4, the crediting interest rate of Savie is not guaranteed.

^Starting from policy year 6, the crediting interest rate of Provie is not guaranteed.

If you have any inquiry or complaint, please call FWD Financial Service Hotline at (852) 3123 3338 or send us an email at