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Act now to enjoy guaranteed crediting interest rates:

  • 2% (for first three policy years)

Date of Birth Promotion Campaign

Your birthday only comes around once a year but your chance to receive birthday gifts can certainly be more than once! During the promotion period, if you purchase a Savie insurance plan and your date of birth contains the number of “6”, “7” or ”8”, you can get a birthday gift from us! The more occurrences of “6”, “7” and “8”, the more premium discount you can enjoy. You may have a chance to enjoy premium discount up to HK$5,000#.

Example: If your date of birth is 1986/08/07
The total number of occurrences of 6, 7 and 8 is 4.

#Only applicable if your date of birth contains not less than 4 occurrences of “6”, “7” or ”8”.
*For monthly plan, the Initial Premium Paid is equivalent to first 2 months’ regular contribution.

Instant Withdrawal

Tap & Go is a prepaid mobile payment service, allowing you to pay by simply tapping your smartphone, or transfer money remotely. Savie customers can now enjoy the free instant withdrawal service by downloading the Tap & Go App.

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Flexible and Free Insurance Policy Period - FWD Savie Insurance

You can partially surrender the account value from your policy with NO charges at any time (even during the guaranteed crediting interest rate period) – giving you flexibility of access to meet your needs! You also have the option to pause and resume your monthly contributions throughout your policy period.

Death benefit of 105% of account value - FWD Savie Insurance

In addition to a death benefit of 105% of your account value*, you will receive a further accidental death benefit equivalent to 100% of the account value* until age 70 (subject to a maximum amount of HK$400,000 for each insured for the plan).

*The accumulation of total premium paid plus interest, less partial surrender(s) (if any) and premiums for rider benefit(s) (if any).

If you have any inquiry or complaint, please call our 24-hour Service Hotline at (852) 3123 3123 or send us an email at