EasyHealth Refundable Hospital Income Plan

Product Features

For Confinement, what is the minimum duration period in order to count as a day?
"Confinement" means the Insured is required to be continuously confined in the Hospital for not less than 6 consecutive hours throughout the period from the Insured’s admission until Discharge.
I already have medical insurance, can I apply for EasyHealth Refundable Hospital Income Plan?
Yes, EasyHealth Refundable Hospital Income Plan is a standalone insurance plan. It does not clash with your current medical insurance plan.
Can I upgrade or downgrade the plan type during my contribution period?
No, the policy requires a 10 year contribution period with 15 years of coverage. Once applied, no upgrade or downgrade of plan type is allowed.


Can my premium be paid by another person?

FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited accepts payment from the Applicant only for any online application through i.FWD.com.hk.

Do I have to submit all the supporting documents during the online application?

No, you may either upload the documents later, or bring them in person to FWD Insurance Solutions Centre. However, please note that supplemental documents must be submitted within a specific period after policy issuance.

Policy Services

If I surrender this Policy before the Maturity Date, can I get back the premium I paid?
Yes, but you will only be refunded part of the premium paid. If you surrender this policy before the Maturity Date, FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (“FWD Life”) will pay the Surrender Benefit which is expressed as a percentage of the actual total premium paid under this Policy up to the date of surrender, as set out below:
Surrender during Policy Year Surrender during Policy Year
0-5 0%
6 10%
7 20%
8 30%
9 40%
10 50%
11 60%
12 70%
13 80%
14 90%
15 100%
Maturity 102%
If the insured dies before the Maturity Date, how is death benefit paid?
We will pay to the Beneficiary 150% of the total annualized premium under this Policy and we will deduct unpaid premium of that policy year (if any) from the total payable benefit.
If the insured dies as a result of an Accident, what is the compensation?
If the death of the insured is caused by Accident, FWD Life will pay a Death Benefit equivalent to 150% of the total annualized premium paid, together with an extra Accidental Death benefit of 50% of total annualized premium paid. In total, 200% of total annualized premium paid is payable and FWD Life will deduct unpaid premium of that policy year (if any) from the total payable benefit.
What does Covered Infectious Disease include?
Infectious Diseases include:
  1. Malaria
  2. Cholera
  3. Dengue Fever
  4. Tetanus
  5. Measles
  6. Rabies
  7. Yellow Fever
  8. Scarlet Fever
  9. SARS
  10. Japanese Encephalitis
  11. Meningococcal Infection
  12. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (Mad Cow Disease)
  13. Legionellosis
  14. Amebicdysentery
  15. Anthrax
  16. Leprosy
  17. Diphtheria
  18. Acute Poliomyelitis
  19. Plague
  20. Tuberculosis