Important Note For Customers Referred/ Redirected by Third Parties
  1. FWD General Insurance Company Limited (“FWD GI”) is authorized by the Insurance Authority to carry out insurance business in Hong Kong.
  2. iFWD Platform is operated by FWD Financial Limited (“FWD Financial”). FWD Financial is an appointed insurance agency of FWD GI.
  3. FWD Financial will be responsible for arranging the insurance policy and, for this purpose, you should only deal directly with FWD Financial (i.e. you should not deal with the referrer for arranging the insurance policy).
  4. The referrer does not represent FWD Financial and should have no involvement in the arrangement of the insurance policy.
  5. FWD Financial disclaims all liability for any advice in relation to the insurance policy given to you by the referrer.
  6. Premium for the insurance policy should be paid directly either to the FWD GI or FWD Financial (or not to the referrer).
  7. Any promotional offer(s) or material(s) should be read in conjunction with the relevant product brochure. Customers should not purchase the relevant insurance product(s) solely on the basis of any promotional offer(s) or material(s). For details and risk disclosures of the relevant insurance plan, please refer to relevant product brochure and policy documents.