Get HK$800 compensation automatically without the hassles of submitting a claim#

Policy Provisions

Claims Paid Automatically

We automatically trigger your compensation when your scheduled flight was cancelled or delayed by 3 hours or more. No paperwork. No wasted time. No questions will be asked.

20% No Claim Discount

If no claim is made on your BoardingCare policy, a 20% discount code will be sent to you as a no-claim reward for your next purchase of BoardingCare. You can even share it with your friends! (We are unable to send you the discount code unless we have your consent to receive marketing communications.)

Free Cancellation

You can cancel your policy 7 days before departure of the scheduled flight if you have a sudden change of flight schedule. Your paid premium and insurance levy (if any) are fully refundable, without any charge.

# The criteria of flight delay or cancellation is determined by the information on flight status, scheduled departure time and actual departure time from the Airport Authority Hong Kong.

Application Tips

Application Tips

  • Applicant must be a HKID holder between 18 and 85 years of age
  • Applicant and insured must be the same person
  • Each applicant can only apply for one policy per scheduled flight
  • Valid for flights departing from Hong Kong in more than 7 days only
  • All outbound flight data is aggregated from theĀ Airport Authority Hong Kong


Is there any restriction on the insured flight?

The insured flight must be scheduled to depart from Hong Kong International Airport.

How to determine if a flight is delayed or cancelled?

We will refer to the flight status, scheduled departure time and actual departure time information from the Airport Authority Hong Kong.

Do I need to provide any documents for the application of the Policy?

You need to provide the ticket or travel itinerary of the insured flight showing your name, flight number, departure date and time, and destination during the application.

Why did my BoardingCare application fail?

FWD reserves the right to accept the application for any flights and the acceptance will be determined on different criteria including airline, destination, departure date.

My insured flight has already been delayed by 3 consecutive hours or more, when will the claim be processed?

The claim process will start once we have confirmed the actual departure time for the insured flight based on the information of the Airport Authority Hong Kong.

My insured flight has been cancelled by the Airline before the scheduled departure date, when will the claim be processed for my policy?

Though the insured flight has been cancelled by the Airline before the scheduled departure date, the claim process will only commence on the scheduled departure -time and when the cancellation information has been confirmed by the Airport Authority Hong Kong.

If I have changed flight after applying for the Policy, can I apply for a change of the information or cancellation?

You cannot apply for the Policy change due to changing flight. However, you can cancel the Policy by providing us with at least 7 days before the scheduled departure date on our website. For example, the scheduled departure date for the insured flight is on Oct 8, 2017, you can cancel the flight by the latest on Oct 1, 2017. We will refund the total premium paid and insurance levy paid (if any) to the credit card used for payment.

Can I apply for both TravelCare and BoardingCare to increase the protection for my trip?

Yes, you can.